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Children play at game at one of three May trial Ateliers. 

All photos of ateliers by: Sabine Dundure


Paris Playhouse is excited to offer new English theatre classes for children and teenagers. We are devoted exclusively to the creative development of young English speakers in the Île-de-France region.

Paris Playhouse believes that theatre has the power to lift young people up and to foster creativity, confidence, and empathy among Paris’s next generation.

With emphasis on these life skills among others such as communication and collaboration, our experienced teachers will take your children on an exciting creative adventure.

Our primary goal is to provide children with the skills they’ll need not only to pursue the arts effectively, should they so desire, but to move forward into their teen years and even adulthood with a newfound sense of self and a strong confidence in the importance of collaboration.

Both the summer weeklong session, and the semester sessions of the academic year 2018-2019 will culminate in original skits designed and produced by the students at 35 Rue Saint Roch.

This event, titled Petit Tapis will be performed at le Pavé d’Orsay on the same day as Paris’s favorite English theatre soirée — Tapis Théâtre.

For more information on the event’s history, please visit this facebook page (url: https://www.facebook.com/tapistheatre/ )


Summer Stage


July 2018

The Program

Paris Playhouse's Summer stage is a week long drama camp for English speaking youth in Paris. During this week, students will explore improvisation, theatre games, collaboration, and creation while working towards a final performance. It'll be a fun packed week!

The Location

All classes in the July Session will be held at 35 Rue Saint Roch, salle Gérard PHILIPE, first floor, stairway B.

Best metros to get to 35 Rue Saint-Roch are line 7 (Pyramides), line 1 (Tuileries) or line 3 (Quatre-Septembre).

Dates and Prices

July 16th to 20th 2018

Session one: 10h00 - 13h00*

Ages : 6 - 10

Class size : 10 students

Total cost : €150

(cost includes €20 non-refundable registration fee)

Session two: 14h00 - 17h00*

Ages : 10 - 15

Class size : 10 students

Total cost : €180

(cost includes €20 non-refundable registration fee)



* if interested in full day, please contact us via ContactParisPlayhouse@gmail.com




Weekly Classes


The Program

Paris Playhouse is proud to welcome students to our weekly Wednesday workshops! With three levels to choose from, there's something for students of all ages.

Level 1: This level, for children ages 6 to 8, will focus on theatrical games, improvisation and communication. We'll introduce the kids to the exciting world of theatre, and will perform fun skits at the end of each semester.

Level 2: This level, for kids ages 9 to 12, is happy to welcome students who are new to theatre and students who have performed before! We'll continue to focus on theatre games and improvisation while delving into character exploration and even some devising. The students will be able to show you their hard work at the end of each semester.

Level 3: Our highest level, designed for ages 13 to 16, will take all elements from levels 1 and 2 and add to them. Students will explore more physical training, technique work, and classical texts. Again, there will be two performances a year.

The Location

Classes are anticipated to be held at 35 Rue Saint-Roch.

Hours and Prices

Level 1: Wednesdays 13h30-14h30

Age: 6-8

Classe size: 10 students

Prices for full season TBA

Level 2: Wednesdays 15h00-16h00

Age: 9-12

Class size: 10 students

Prices for full season TBA

Level 3: Wednesdays 16h30-18h00

Age: 13-16

Class size: 10 students

Prices for full season TBA

Stages de Vacances Scolaires

Detailed information coming soon!

Who Are We?

Charlotte Pleasants

 Photo by: Sabine Dundure

Photo by: Sabine Dundure

Charlotte Pleasants is a New Zealander with British and Australian roots living in Paris and a long time lover of the arts and theatre.

She graduated from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Anthropology.Throughout her studies she performed with the Wellington company The Bacchanals, performing both new scripts as well as traditional texts.

After graduating, she moved to Paris where she has been based for three years. Charlotte has been working at an international school in Paris for the past two years teaching drama to students aged 5 to 15.

Charlotte is also one of the core organisers of the international theatre festival: The Paris Fringe. This festival began in 2016 and has been rapidly growing in success since; Charlotte helps with marketing and communication.

Charlotte created, produces and organizes the regular theatre soiree Tapis Théâtre.

Charlotte has performed in a wide variety of theatre in Paris; her credits include The Paris Fringe (2016, 2017), Tapis Théâtre (2016, 2017, 2018), Fourplay (2016, 2017), and A Girl Named Ostrich (2017), which is an original solo show. She is currently training with Celia Anne Brown at the Bilingual Actors Workshop.


Emily Guernsey

 Photo by: Krikor Motian                                                                 www.emilyguernsey.com

Photo by: Krikor Motian                                                                 www.emilyguernsey.com

Emily Guernsey actress and playwright from North Yarmouth, Maine, and has been involved in the arts and active on stage for her entire life. She graduated from Elon University in 2014 with a BFA in Acting and an additional BA in French. At University she produced her first bilingual play, toi, toujours and managed multiple box offices. Here in Paris, Emily works as a tour guide, a nanny, and an English tutor. Past experiences include creating theatre camp for kids, and being an english teaching assistant.

After Elon, she moved to France and now resides in Paris where she took classes with the Bilingual Acting Workshop. She continues acting for film classes with Celia Anne Brown and enjoys dabbling in film— though her heart is in the theatre.

Some of her Paris credits include the Fourplay festival (2016), staged readings with Moving Parts (2016, 2017), and various editions of Tapis Théâtre. Her original theatre sketches and plays have been staged at multiple venues here in Paris. 

Emily's non-professional long-term interests include, but are not limited to, piano, singing, painting, and yoga. 



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